We are Response4Life

We are connecting developers, engineers, and manufacturers of medical supplies with the hospitals that urgently need them.

The Problem

Medical supply shortages in our hospitals is the greatest obstacle to saving the lives of COVID-19 patients. Based on publicly available data from the Centers for Disease Control, the United States’ healthcare facilities are having difficulty accessing the needed PPE and are having to identify alternate ways to provide patient care.

Existing supply chains are too slow and are currently overwhelmed, meaning that without urgent action, medical supplies including face shields, N95 respirators and ventilators cannot be manufactured and delivered to hospitals quickly enough to meet their needs. This unprecedented public health crisis requires an extraordinary response.

Response4Life is an independent 501(c)3 nonprofit that addresses the urgent need to get medical equipment to hospitals in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. To meet the need for scale and speed, Response4Life is building a low friction supply chain.

We connect a distributed network of makers and professional manufacturers, with appropriate quality assurance protocols, to an efficient logistics network. We have built partnerships with over a dozen organizations from across healthcare, technology, logistics, manufacturing, and state and federal government. And we are assisting teams of talented scientists, doctors, and engineers around the globe to receive FDA authorization on simple ventilators that can be quickly and inexpensively manufactured.

Every day saved in this process will save lives. We’re moving at lightspeed to make our platform available to all who need it – including other nonprofits – and scale up to meet the increasing demand for PPE and other medical devices. Here’s how you can help:

  • Follow the Centers for Disease Control social distancing guidelines.
  • Donate what you can to fund the delivery of life-saving material. 
  • Register in our network of makers, recipients, designers and nonprofits.
  • Volunteer to provide logistical support or join one of our staff teams