For Healthcare Providers

Get verified as a recipient. If you are a healthcare provider, please go to our recipient registration page to register as a recipient for product delivery. 

Our team will verify your healthcare organization within 24 hours, intake your medical equipment needs, and get you access to a pre-approved set of custom-designed parts.

Here is a current update:

Response4Life has donated approximately 14,000 face shields to qualified healthcare facilities since April of 2020 and has access to sources for thousands of face shields and other PPE. Apply by registering your facility and point of contact.

Our face shields were designed by our partner organization Requests in the Santa Clara County, California region should be made through their order form.

While we would love to fulfill every request, please understand that demand for face shields will outstrip supply for the foreseeable future. We will be making allocations, at our sole discretion, based in part on our COVID-19 Severity Index (c-PSI), aimed at humanely making allocation allotments. No political or monetary factors will be used in the allocation decision process.

Whether you receive a full or partial allocation, once your facility is granted an allocation it will be dropped to the bottom of the list for requests and will need to cycle up again.