For Makers

Join our team of makers. We are not able to make Response4Life a success without you. Using the form below, please register as a maker of PPE, ventilators, components, or other critical care materials in order to help save lives.

After you fill out the form below, we will contact you to confirm the commitment of units. When you are finished with production, we will contact you to arrange shipment details and location. Once units are certified for compliance, they will be shipped to hospitals in need. Please contact us at if you have questions.

How we are tied to Makers Nexus

Makers Nexus is a maker space in Sunnyvale, California. Our Director of Logistics, Don Landwrith, is on their board. Their general manager, Eric Hess, redesigned the open source Prusa face shield to make it suitable for medical environments and then reached out to MN’s member base to use their 3D printers to make headband and stiffener components for face shields. When word got out about their modified design, that it was very good and available for free, requests started pouring in. One of the Makers Nexus’ donors who saw the gratitude of the healthcare workers and how great the need was said, “Let’s make a million of them!”

Maker Nexus face shield design
Maker Nexus COVID-19 face shield site

We are currently accepting the following PPE items via Maker Nexus design:

  1. face masks (materials: cotton fabric, elastic)
  2. 3D-printed face shields (materials: PETG filament, PETG sheet)
  3. hospital scrubs (materials: natural fabric)

Note: do not volunteer units if you are feeling ill during any point of the process (including, but not limited to cough, fever, and shortness of breath). We appreciate you volunteering your time, but cannot risk contaminated units. Instead, please consider a monetary donation.