Nonprofits partner with us to use Response4Life's logistic system

Response4Life has developed a logistic system designed to take in requests from healthcare providers and fairly allocate supplies of PPE and other medical equipment.  This system was funded by a generous grant from and built through the donation of time and expertise of MK Partners and Don Robins.  It is a robust enterprise class system with information about over 6,000 US hospitals and links to the COVID Severity Index developed by Professor Bin Yu of UC Berkeley, which helps guide us in making allocation decisions of scare resources. We know that many other nonprofits have been founded since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic to help with local, regional and national procurement and donation of PPE and medical devices.  Most are staffed by volunteers who have been doing an outstanding job, but do not have the deep IT expertise that Response4Life has.  Our mission is to do the most good for the most healthcare providers and therefore we are making our Saleforce backed logistic system available to other nonprofits to support their efforts to help.  Our system offers the following functions: Register healthcare recipients and maintains a linked hierarchy of their organization Register unlimited contacts at a healthcare provider or across multiple entities Manage inventory or PPE and other medical devices to be donated Helps to fairly allocate PPE and other items in short supply across all requests on a national or local level Maintains a list of makers or suppliers of medical devices and PPE Manages electronic notification of allocation decisions to makers and recipients Manages shipment of supplies into and out of makers for just-in-time manufacturing of medical equipment and shipment of supplies to healthcare recipient organizations The system has portals or views for nonprofit administration, recipients, contacts, shippers and makers If your nonprofit needs help registering healthcare recipients, maintaining inventory of PPE and other medical devices, making fair allocation decisions and shipping PPE to healthcare facilities please contact us by filling out the form below.