Our Plan

R4L is building a low-friction supply chain
to produce and deliver any type of equipment
through distributed manufacturing and logistics.

An interview with our founder, Rick Brennan, interviewed by Susan Finch.

We are product and design agnostic and can deliver any medical equipment and PPE to hospitals in need. We will begin delivering FDA approved, cleared, or authorized ventilators when these are available to manufacture or source.


5 Steps Towards Our Goal

Our goal is to ensure that FDA approved, cleared, or authorized medical equipment is available and distributed effectively to hospitals in need. Here is an overview of our five-step plan for achieving this.

Our team of data scientists at UC Berkeley, working with FEMA, CDC, and state data will forecast hotspots. We also monitor FDC Guidance Documents and maintain contacts with standards bodies such as AAMI to identify the medical equipment and PPE that is now or will be in shortest supply and greatest demand.  Finally, our team is working directly with healthcare providers, NGOs and their networks to identify demand at those locations.

Members of affiliated maker communities have produced and are ready to ship face shields. We are also direct sourcing surgical masks from the manufacturer.

We provide makers with raw materials and instructions for creating and sanitizing more face shields. We pay manufacturers enough to ensure they can provide a sustainable domestic supply chain.

We will work with shipping partners, to arrange pickup and delivery, at no cost to makers or hospitals.

We will communicate with hospitals on timelines, expectations, and future needs, and provide them with training and education about what we deliver.


Funding Needs

In order to deliver critical materials to hospitals at lightspeed, we are currently working with the generous donations of friends, family, and community funding, as well as public and private grants.


Assuring Your Trust

As a non-profit that relies on generous donations, we understand that trust is paramount. We value forthright and transparent approaches. We are a registered nonprofit organization in the state of Colorado, and have been approved for tax exempt status with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. For more detail, see our Transparency page.

Our leadership team is happy to respond to requests for other information. In the coming days we will be publishing more about our commitments to our donors, our beneficiaries, and the general public. 

The only official donations to us should come through our website or our fundraising team. If anyone is asking you for a donation through other methods, websites, campaigns, please verify that we are behind that effort before you donate. We intend to launch a crowdfunding and public donation drive in the coming days, and will link directly from this website and our own social media accounts. If you see any suspicious requests claiming to be part of Response4Life, please contact us immediately at support@response4life.org.